Bad medicine

You know, if hydroxychloroquine does work well as a prophylaxis – as many doctors suggest now, including a vocal epidemiologist at Yale – then it would have been a very smart idea to prescribe it to vulnerable populations ahead of a hurricane. Just a thought, which will probably become more relevant in a year of La Niña, a weather pattern that increases the number and intensity of storms.

If you believe that the coronavirus is a big deal, then public health officials are putting an obscene amount of faith in face coverings versus other available options. And the evolution in their reasoning has been quite entertaining. First, it was face masks don’t work. Then it was face masks don’t protect you, but you wear them to keep your spray away from other, potentially vulnerable people. Now, it’s if someone died, it’s because he wasn’t wearing a mask 24/7 – because apparently Fauci has adopted the very idea he decried earlier, which is that masks protect the wearer himself, not other people from the wearer. And now Fauci has started adopting the position of the crank doctor on NBC Nightly News / MSNBC, who outright faked having the coronavirus and speculated that he got it through his eyeballs because he was such a diligent mask-wearer, you know. People should start wearing googles in addition to a mask to stop the spread, Fauci says now.

Literally nothing this man has advised has impacted the spread of the virus. But it sure has destroyed the economy and public education system in this country. I am fairly sure that if local governments start passing goggle mandates, half the nation will join Antifa and just start burning the whole thing down.

Just following Fauci’s recommendations now.

Contrary to what the media says, there is zero scientific consensus that masks are effective (or even sanitary, as most people are certainly not treating them as contaminated objects in themselves, but toting them around in their purses or dangling them from their rearviewmirror). This is further reinforced by the fact that a lot of what people are using as masks are not good barriers at all. Where we live, the government is telling people directly that they should prefer lesser quality face coverings so the supply does not run out for medical officials.

(An aside: I was in the supermarket the other day and a doctor from the local hospital was in the produce section. She wanted to make it clear to everyone that she was a doctor, presumably because doctors are getting showered with attention now. She was still dressed in a heavy lab coat – with a heat index over a hundred outside – and had a massive stethoscope hanging out of her pocket. She had to get into a car to come here from the hospital, but apparently it did not occur to her to take any of that stuff off? I wanted to walk up to her and say, hey, I’m not a doctor, but maybe it’s not a great idea to take your medical equipment into the grocery store, especially when you people think everything is so contaminated that people should be wearing masks? Gross.)

The whole thing is pure idiocy. Every single coronavirus “hotspot” around the world had a mask mandate. They simultaneously want to argue that the virus is out of control but that their mandates are working. Their entire mindset is contradictory on its face (haha). Really the only thing they are accomplishing is driving up property and violent crime.

Then there is the slightly more obvious point that if you are sick (with anything), you really should not be re-consuming your own waste products. The body is designed to expel dangerous elements – that’s how you survive as an organism mechanically and a basic function of life. Living in a bubble of your own waste is a pretty good way to hurt yourself, and perhaps the best explanation for the divergence in experience between people who are soaking in the sun and people who haven’t gone outside since March. If you feel miserable, it’s probably because your body is sending you a message that you are undermining the functionality of its systems.

At any rate, hurricanes often require the evacuation of people who live along the coast. People who have substandard housing that may not endure the storm or cannot afford to be trapped in their house for days need to go stay in public shelters, crowded in with a lot of other people. People in the path of hurricanes need to prepare for days without electricity by going out and buying food and water – standing in line with millions of other people.

Fauci and his army of politically minded gatekeepers have now made it so the only protection vulnerable people have in a natural disaster is a mask, and typically a mask that they are reusing and reusing and touching themselves.

This sort of thing is the cost of not having a free and fair discourse about how best to deal with the pandemic and being intellectually dishonest about who is and is not affected. If there is a better option out there for protecting people with acute medical issues, they’re now being denied it in extremis.

And, really, if you think about it, Fauci’s entire coronavirus response has taken the physical and economic conditions of vulnerable populations and made them worse and worse and worse. The best theater of this whole thing is how many social justice warriors adore the man who has been the worst thing for socioeconomically vulnerable people since LBJ created the welfare-prison trap.

Again, this all comes back to Trump routinely being a bad judge of character and elevating people who wish to undermine him personally. A dumbass like Fauci should have never been calling the shots on the coronavirus response. This situation could have been managed better by a more reasonable and less self-aggrandizing person. But Trump tends to gravitate toward people who seem cocky and self-confident like himself, rather than going out and finding people who are the best for the job, presumably because he’s always arming himself for juvenile spats with the media instead of simply getting the job done. Many times the person who struts for the press is not top talent, and picking the wrong talent can be a very big problem.

3 thoughts on “Bad medicine

  1. Supposedly, Redfield is even worse.

    Looks like CDC is being taken to the woodshed by having some of its org boxes switched HHS.

    I don’t think Fauci is taken particularly seriously at this point. Anyone who wants to look at the data for themselves who wants to can just go do that on the internet, thankfully. Assuming of course that the tech overlords haven’t censored the data like they did with the “Frontline Doctors'” group recently. Or by demoting conservative voices or twiddling with their SEO.

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    1. A relative of mine with a serious pre-existing condition asked his doctor for a prescription recently and the doctor rejected him. Then cited a now-debunked study as justification. I was like, dude, you need a new doctor. He said, yeah, try finding one now. This quack mentality has thrown so many people’s routine care into chaos.

      And these people want socialized medicine so they can control every medical decision and who gets what, dear God.


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