No-hype, just-the-facts hurricane coverage

I don’t do Twitter because arguing with morons and sockpuppets isn’t my thing. But I do bookmark some folks’ profiles who are reliable sources of information and treat them akin to a newspaper (bless them for their service).

With hurricanes in particular, it is difficult to sort out the signal from the noise. Many academics have figured out they can build a following by cranking out content that seems nerdy to un-suspicious audiences coupled with AOC-style climate panic. (Not all that different from the coronavirus, if you think about it.) I can already tell these people are going to be insufferable this year because of La Nina. Then you have the trolls who get giddy about every storm that approaches Palm Beach because it might do in Mar-a-Lago (spoiler: it won’t, Mar-a-Lago is a fortress), because maturity is wishing harm on a few million people to spite the orange man.

Here are a few people who cut through the crap and, more importantly, don’t even acknowledge the crap so it doesn’t clog their feeds. That is not to suggest these people are radical climate skeptics or anything. They just aren’t like, “my pizza took longer than 30 minutes to get here, what more evidence do you need of climate change!”

Ryan Maue (probably the best of all of them, actually)

Dylan Federico

Levi Cowan (you can see data on his blog, Tropical Tidbits)

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