The lockdown failure, quantified

Sweden came out way ahead of the lockdown states in Europe – who, like the US, experienced the most dramatic drops in economic output in their history. More than the Great Depression. More than the World Wars. No lockdown, no mask mandate, no panic, no hype. Kids stayed in school. They came out ahead. It was all for nothing. Be sure to thank the (mostly Democratic) state and local leaders who have been pushing the doom for election year optics.

In fact, there is probably a pretty solid argument that the panic induced by the lockdowns – as people ran en masse to hoard groceries and other provisions, as they scattered around the country trying to get away from oppressive governments or the perception of Armageddon, as sick people were locked in with healthy people, as every Karen ran to the ER to get a test – perversely increased the spread.

This is the first time that the medical establishment aggressively strayed from the concept of herd immunity – quite seriously the wisdom of millennia – forsaking utilitarianism for a more individualized and self-centered (selfish?) view of medicine. And it had predictable results. A fuck of a lot of vulnerable people died because stupid became the new smart. And millions more people were hurled into abject poverty, addictions, overdoses, suicide, and mental illness.

This is what happens when zealots run your country and shout down dissenting opinions and reasonable debate on how best to respond to a situation. All the people quacking about #AloneTogether, social distancing, masks, “covidiots,” take a look at the charts and see your handiwork.

Really the only way the media still gets away with hype now is by reporting deaths by date of report rather than date of death and without segregating long-term care facilities. (Never mind the lunacy of what counts as a Covid death.) Adjust for population, date of death, and so on and it looks like nothing is happening now anywhere. I still find the HCQ as a prophylaxis argument compelling, however, when it comes to dealing with natural disasters, the coming fall, necessary travel and hospital visits, etc. The argument that HCQ is a dangerous or deadly drug is a flat-out lie (you are talking about a drug that was approved by the FDA in 1955 and is OTC in other countries).

At this point, I would really like to see someone compile a year-over-year by day number of deaths and hospitalizations, particularly for long-term care populations for each state. I imagine that would tell an interesting story.

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