Meanwhile, in Portland

I personally don’t care what happens in blue states beyond wishing our lawmakers would quit subsidizing their dysfunction with normals’ hard-earned money. I don’t think we are experiencing some kind of cultural Armageddon just because these people are collectively mentally ill. In fact, I think most of America forcefully rejects this behavior, and that will become apparent yet again in November. But, come on, as far as bizarre sociological experiments go, the Northwest is like a spike through the brain. It’s pretty entertaining, so long as you are not a helpless farm animal.

Last night in Portland, rioters – who have been at this for months now, and are clearly getting bored with their life decisions – decided to light the decapitated head of a pig wearing a police hat, on top of an American flag, on fire. They have graduated from fireworks with embedded nails and Molotov cocktails to animal sacrifice.

Surprisingly, this isn’t even the first time the Antifa crowd has decapitated a literal pig. Apparently, they placed a decapitated pig’s head at the base of the now-gone elk statue. In the profiling of serial killers, harming animals superfluously is one of the first signs a child or young adult is a psychopath.

So what was the mayor’s response?

Yeah, man, that’s totally what history is going to say about Portland.

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Portland

  1. Wow, just mentally totally ill. Such a peaceful protest…gah. Oh, and I got lamb blasted because I suggested instead of forgiving college debt that people be responsible and pay it off…holy moly. The abuse I got that no one can pay of debt and I must be privileged. I am getting off social media. I am learning. People are horrendous to you if you disagree with them. Wow, there is no actual debt.

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  2. I have a brother and sister in law that own rental property in a Seattle suburb. I asked them a couple of weeks ago if they are going to try to hope the market stays strong or get out while the getting is good. I was told “that’s all in the city and it’s peaceful.” Nothing worry about here. Mentally ill abounds on the West Coast.

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    1. I have family in the area as well, and they are *totally* freaked out about everything that is happening. In fact, they have said the opposite – that it is amazing all the stuff that is going on that the news is not covering, and it has impacted a lot of cities.


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