Democrats disqualified Duckworth over a BS birther narrative; now they try to assign one to Trump

I’m not sure it is possible to have a more boring election cycle than the one we are having now. And it’s not like there’s a paucity of critical issues to talk about. State and local governments’ ill-informed and irrational lockdowns continue to be a drag on the economy. Our education system is in ruins. Rioters are backing up U-Hauls to luxury stores on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago and waking up residents in Seattle demanding they hand over their houses as reparations for… gentrification.

So what is the Democratic candidate talking about? Going all-in on coronavirus fear-mongering (which shows you the median age of whom he thinks his base is), conspiracy theories about the machines used by the US Postal Service to sort mail (definitely what’s keeping me awake at night), and whether the president adequately shrugged off birther claims about Kamala Harris.

Again, this is what happens when you have senior citizens running your political party. Is this the richest country in the world, or an HOA board meeting in Boca? Hard to tell some days by the level of pettiness and lack of any meaningful connection to the outside world.

Democrats do have a mildly entertaining birther controversy going on in their party ranks, but it’s not about Kamala. It’s about why they rejected Duckworth as their VP pick:

Bracketing off the commentator’s incorrect suggestion that this is something SCOTUS should weigh in on – the court does not issue guidance, but requires a case of controversy to proceed… thank you, 5th grade civics – this is pretty wild. Biden’s camp is claiming that the thoroughly uncontroversial circumstances of Duckworth’s birth are why they rejected her for the ticket in favor of… Kamala Harris.

One could be forgiven for wondering how Kamala Harris even came to be considered for the ticket in the first place, or what she brings to the equation. Democrats are not struggling to win California. Despite being the media darling for weeks, she never polled beyond single digits in the primary. That suggests she was never popular with even the most rabidly partisan Democrats, let alone the entire country. Progressives can’t trust her. Moderates can’t trust her.

Kamala has more baggage than Elizabeth Taylor on holiday, from her blowjobs-for-patronage arrangement with uber-corrupt politician Willie Brown to keeping an innocent man on death row to covering up a crime lab that was outright falsifying evidence for convictions.

And they put someone with this background next to a man famous for groping women and girls on camera? Maybe this is why the campaign has become so obsessed with social distancing virtue signaling – to keep their presidential and veep nominees apart? Because you know the creepy geezer is like, Kamala, come sit on my lap, daddy has a story for you. **shudder**

Duckworth has none of these liabilities, and if you wanted to run a campaign on integrity and actual public service, she would probably have been a solid choice. But it turns out Democrats don’t want to run on integrity and actual public service. They clearly had other reasons for not picking Duckworth, which are likely unsavory in the #MeToo era. Kamala is a fuckable candidate. Duckworth is an amputee. One looks a lot shinier on stage, and helps cancel out the Ovaltine-ness of their presidential nominee. One can be and has been willingly objectified – even prostituted – as her nomination is held up ironically as evidence of progress for women. What a tremendous victory for People Who Menstruate, that they can eventually get off their knees and govern!

How do you explain the rejection of Duckworth? Muh lawyers and their birtherism! Couldn’t be helped!

Literally the same day that Duckworth news broke, Democratic loyalists in the media tried to plant a new birther controversy with Trump during a press conference. Only Trump refused to take the bait. He explained that he heard the chatter about Harris that day (from the media), he doesn’t think there’s anything to it, he’s pretty sure Democrats thoroughly vetted her eligibility. He didn’t even seem interested in it, and Trump is not the kind of person who is easily bored. He gave her the benefit of the doubt and moved on.

Pretty boring, right? Seems impossible to spin that into a manufactured controversy, right? Nope, they are now running around like chickens with their heads lopped off trying to make an annoyed and jaded populace care. Trump did not forcefully reject the claims we ourselves are circulating about our own candidate! He’s trying to start another conspiracy theory!

All of this to conceal their own, very real birtherism over Duckworth, which they used as a convenient placeholder to explain how they favored a morally repulsive political prostitute over a war hero because sex sells and being a female multiple-amputee doesn’t.

It’s grotesque in context, but the fact of the matter is no one cares on either point. Biden is not electable, and neither is Kamala Harris, no matter how many fake polls the media industrial complex cranks out in yet another attempt to demoralize Trump voters. You have three generations of voters below Baby Boomers now, and none of them want Boca HOA energy whining and sniveling in the White House for 4 years. And anyone who spends five minutes looking at Kamala’s track record as a prosecutor understands she is the last human being who should be put in charge of the federal bureaucracy. The election is over, but everything is still stupid. Make it stop, guys. Make it stop.

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