Nancy Pelosi is the worst politician ever. Seriously.

I have already had my fun mocking the Postal Service conspiracy theories.

But I would just like to point out that Nancy Pelosi spent months of lockdowns refusing to bring House members back to consider financial aid packages for small businesses and ordinary Americans. She let the small business loan program lapse, then went on a late night talk show to reveal how she’s surviving the coronavirus lockdown with an enormous supply of luxury ice cream, which she keeps in her $20,000 refrigerator. How much does her staff loathe her? Well, they let her do that.

Democrats even let current programs lapse, because Pelosi doesn’t want to talk to Republicans unless they agree to indulge her $2 trillion wish list. Trump finally caved and extended programs via executive order, which I don’t understand, but hey, at least we can say gives a damn about ordinary people.

But you know what IS worth bringing House members back, according to Nancy Pelosi? Her IMAGINARY CRISIS with the POSTAL SERVICE, which she just whipped up out of nowhere after Trump’s executive orders.

She’s now trying to convince Americans that (1) all voting should be run through an agency that is so operationally backwards it hasn’t been able to cash flow for years, and (2) the only way you can mail a letter is with a big blue mailbox, which Trump is outright stealing in the dead of night because he knows Pelosi rules the hearts of the American people and wants to be dictator for life.

The Democratic Party is so fucking gone, it is insane. Everyone wants to know who the “real puppeteers” in the party are these days, but have you considered that maybe the Democratic Party is being run by a bunch of early dementia Boca HOA types, as a matter of fact, not Republican fantasies? That maybe the party is being run by a bunch of rich white liberal geezers who are going to cling to power until they die, and this nonsense is actually the stuff the voices in their head are telling them to do? That Democratic policy is a bunch of unhinged people ranting on Nextdoor about who has been messing with their mailbox?

I don’t know how else to explain that we are talking about mail-theft conspiracies otherwise. But, hey, I’m just going to make some popcorn and wait for their nervous breakdown when Trump wipes up the entire map in November.

6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi is the worst politician ever. Seriously.

  1. I hope there’s enough normal people left to not vote Democrat. I’m uncomfortable with the fact that the voting for Hillary and Obama were so near 50/50.

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