Biden’s running ads in Florida communities Trump won by nearly 70 points

Truly, it is remarkable how pathetic the Biden campaign has become. Even with Michelle Obama headlining yesterday’s events, viewership of the DNC is down 51% from four years ago. (That’s on par with A&E’s losses when they cancelled Live PD during the Black Lives Matter protests, which made up around 80% of its content.) This is pretty much exactly what one would expect for a candidate that is running on a national mask mandate and demanding an FBI investigation into the maintenance of mailboxes. Most of Biden’s commercials have turned into some perverse form of mask porn, with people slowly, dramatically looping masks around their ears. Even now that Biden has announced a running mate, Biden signs are nowhere to be found.

It’s like the Democratic Party managed to find a candidate with less voter enthusiasm than John Kasich. And then that candidate decided to hold hands with John Kasich and stare into the sunset.

This is the ad the Biden campaign is raining on Central Florida right now. Donna and her husband turned 60 and decided to live their retirement dream in The Villages. They have been gifted two lovely grandchildren, whom they try to see as often as they can. Except, now, thanks to Donald Trump, they feel trapped in their retirement community and haven’t seen their grandkids in 6 months. The horror!

Florida is not a state that made up entirely, or even mostly, of senior citizens, though it does have a lot of them relative to places where you have to shovel snow. It’s a state that is driven by travel and hospitality and agriculture. The pride of the state now is the space program. Many of these folks have been put out of business or have been struggling immensely by the lockdowns, social distancing, and mask mandates that are primarily being pushed by leftist politicians. The overwhelming majority of this fiercely independent and adventure-loving state famously hates the pandemic fear-mongering and wants it to go away. Even many of the elderly folks chose having lux amenities over permanent lockdowns – it is one of the reasons people are leaving NYC in droves to come to Florida. Florida is mostly open and doesn’t have roving gangs forcing stores to stay boarded up. In fact, nothing was ever boarded up here.

Beyond that, Biden is running this ad in the areas surrounding Orlando and Tampa, trying to get traction in places like The Villages. To say The Villages is a Republican stronghold doesn’t quite capture it. Trump won the area in 2016 by nearly 70%. I cannot think of a population that is less sympathetic with repealing tax reform, the Green New Deal, Defunding the Police, and all the other nonsense the left is spewing now, which to most sane old people (accurately) sounds like someone trying to confiscate their assets. The area also has a massive concentration of Cubans, who would write-in their neighbor’s adorable French bulldog before they vote for a Democrat because they do not think socialism is some cute experiment America needs to try.

The places most likely to vote Democratic in the state are in southeast Florida. This is a young population. This is a population that is almost entirely driven by tourism, where having a good time is their entire worldview, not something you do Friday after 5 pm. And the Biden campaign is pushing for policies that have and will continue to destroy their livelihoods. And just generally running on a ticket of prolonged misery.

I have said for a while that Biden has no natural constituency, and he definitely has no natural constituency here in Florida, regardless of what the liar corporate media polls suggest. He’s a senile old man who belongs to a party that the overwhelming majority of his senior citizen peers loudly reject, and for good, intelligent reasons. That’s not to say there are not people in Florida who will not support him. The retired school teachers will support him, for example.

But the vast majority of Florida senior citizens are closer to the Missouri couple that pulled guns on BLM protesters than anything. (In fact, there are a surprising number of incidents of homeowners whipping out their AR-15s in The Villages. There was a memorable one after we moved here about a man in his 70s who successfully mowed down three armed intruders. One survived.)

I find all of this fascinating. Is this just what happens when we have billions of dollars flowing into the campaign industrial complex that needs to find a home, however illogical, and it floats toward bad consultants and legacy media? Or are the Biden people really so stupid that they think hardcore Republican communities can be flipped? What a time to be alive.

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