Meanwhile in Wuhan…

From Agence France-Presse:

Congratulations to all the western democracies who got utterly played by the communists into destroying their economies and critical public institutions. Remember back in February, when reports were being circulated about how the Chinese Communist Party was welding people into their apartments to stop the spread of the Armageddon virus? Propaganda much?

I have always wondered why, given all the stories about people in China dying on the sidewalks from this “new” virus, the CIA and other intelligence agencies were not losing their shit on world leaders back in November. It was those stories swirling around the internet that persuaded many westerners not to doubt the dire projections coming from loser academics, even months after nothing resembling those projections materialized and governments started visibly exaggerating statistics.

Parsimonious answer: None of this was actually happening then. It was just a troll army on the interwebs that morphed into mainstream reporting, as we have seen before in a thousand other contexts (hate crime hoaxes, etc.).

The tell in most of this was that China did not lock down its entire economy, and Wuhan was “bouncing back” almost immediately in economic data. Like, boom, manufacturing is back up and running. All while leftist policymakers in the western world are trying to out-do each other for who can cause the most economic damage.

This whole thing is sickening, figuratively at least.

One thought on “Meanwhile in Wuhan…

  1. Nah, the WuFlu definitely happened there. The welding people indoors definitely happened. Harassing old people on their own in Inner Mongolia via drone into wearing masks definitely happened.
    But the WuFlu wasn’t the reason. WuFlu wasn’t why people were dying in the streets, convulsing (even considering the third-world medical care non-connecteds get). The wet market thing was propaganda, meant to hide the fact that there was a major bioweapons breach. WuFlu was the one that got out into the world, and thankfully just that.
    Now that that’s finally been cleaned up, even Wuhan can go back to normal (the parts that aren’t under water, that is). Sure, WuFlu is still going around, but officially it isn’t (except in Hong Kong – shame, that, now they can’t protest, darn), and it’s not like the CCP gives a damn if a few hundred thousand extra old people die to this .

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