Another proxy for political sentiment: Black homeschoolers

Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd did a segment on how both the Biden and Trump campaign believe Trump will “overperform” with Black voters in this election cycle:

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Tuesday reported that both presidential campaigns have told him that “Donald Trump could overperform with African American men,” adding that the possibility of the president overperforming with Black voters is a “concern” in former Vice President Joe Biden’s camp.

The reporting comes as the Republican National Convention has featured a number of high-profile Black speakers in the first two nights of the four-night event.

Former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Herschel Walker, congressional candidate Kim Klacik (R-Md.), Georgia General Assembly Democrat Vernon Jones and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who is seen as a potential 2024 presidential candidate, have all sought to boost President Trump’s reelection bid.

“Both campaigns tell me that there is a chance that Donald Trump could overperform with African American men,” Todd said. “It’s a concern of the Biden campaign and it’s a focus of the Trump campaign.”

“The president has been stoking racial tensions,” Todd later argued. “They have been trying to do this, because they see this as a way back with suburban voters.” 

I have been saying this privately for a while. The sheer number of Black conservatives I encounter now, both in real life and online, is immense. When I took my concealed carry class earlier this year, half the class was proud Black Republicans. The instructor was a proud Black Republican. Most of the Black folks in our community deeply resent the manufactured coronavirus panic and its impact on the economy, and they do not blame Trump for it. I know this because they compliment us for the less-than-polite political slogan on the masks we got from American AF.

I 100% believe Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron will be a big contender for the GOP presidential primary in 2024, and after reading Nikki Haley’s memoir, I think Cameron will likely be the GOP nominee. He’s smart, he’s a gifted attorney and orator in general. Nikki Haley is a nice person, but she’s too establishment for the new GOP. I plan to vote for him if he runs.

All that said, the people I think pollsters are underestimating are suburban Black mothers, who get more and more culturally conservative every year. Black women are the people who are probably going to shock the nation, if not in this election cycle, in the next.

My niece convinced me to reactivate my Instagram account weeks ago. The first thing I did, obviously, is follow a bunch of homeschooling hashtags. Homeschooling, classical homeschooling, Charlotte Mason homeschooling, Christian homeschooling, you get it. And about half of the content every single day comes from Black homeschooling mothers. The number of Black homeschooling mothers now and their cultural influence online is HUGE.

These are not women who want to hear your teachers union propaganda. These are not women who want to see you elevate “ghetto” culture or tell their kids that poor grammar is a Black trait. These are women who have intact and prosperous families, who put #debtfree in their bios. They post pictures of their husbands and talk openly about what good men they are and what good examples they provide for their sons. They do not express “solidarity” with race riots. They shame cultural influences like female rappers. And they are serious, reasonable, aggressively intelligent advocates for school choice, a key Republican policy issue. They picketed Elizabeth Warren rallies. They are raising little Daniel Camerons, and they will be a force to be reckoned with going forward, I guarantee you.

I started following a lot of Black homeschoolers because I am genuinely curious and impressed with their influence. I scribble down their book recommendations and follow the links they share. Some have set up networking websites for other Black homeschoolers, and I peruse those too. They are following the model of past generations of Christian homeschoolers, setting up homeschooling co-ops at Black churches and developing their own curricula. On their networking websites, they have appeals to Hannity to talk about people who were homeschooling before it was cool, which includes them. Yeah, you read that right, they watch Fox News.

Their kids are getting a killer education. They aren’t looking for you to lecture them about affirmative action or quotas. Every aspect of the content they share is about genuinely earning a good life and about celebrating what is good, true, and beautiful culturally.

This is a core difference that establishment Democrats do not understand about what aspects of Trump appeal to a very diverse range of people. These Black mamas HATE people like Cardi B. They are trying to teach their children not to go down that path, and that’s the vision of Blackness the Democratic Party keeps holding up with fake esteem. They want to hear from strong Black men and women, who build successful businesses and raise hyper-literate, hyper-numerate children. That’s the space the GOP has carved out for them.

And beyond that, homeschooling is a very diverse counter-culture, even more so in the wake of the coronavirus panic. You might be surprised how poorly racial and economic resentment sells to people who are swapping children’s literature suggestions.

I honestly would not be surprised if Trump got 40% or more of the “Black vote.”

7 thoughts on “Another proxy for political sentiment: Black homeschoolers

  1. Good commentary. You move in circles I do not so it is refreshing to hear what you find. I liked Cameron as well. What about a Daniel Cameron/Kristi Noem ticket? That would drive the Dems crazy and would be a sure-fire winner, I think.

    Off-topic: I have been following some Facebook pages in the suburban county north of Atlanta where I live part-time and saw a lot of positive comments from some home schooling parents about an online curriculum from IXL ( It looked pretty good. Have you used it or considered using it?

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  2. What encouraging information! I have had a “feeling” about the black community’s not having the opinions the press tells us they do from some things I’ve been listening to, but you’ve made a good case for it here. There are quite a few pod-casters like Candace Owens and some others, also – younger people – who are making a difference and starting to ask the questions that need to be asked. Some of the speeches at tonight’s RNC meeting reflected this, I thought, also.

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      1. Possible but not likely. The posts were removed within 1 minute of posting them. My MO is to post items to FB then check that it is there. They are on my personal page but not the timeline.

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