The new face of the Democratic Party

CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested that Republicans would be “rioting” if Joe Biden held a “norm-busting” convention like the Republican National Convention this week. I am not sure what, exactly, was “norm-busting” about the convention. If anything, it was heavy on nostalgia for an objectively better social environment – where fake news (like Tapper) was not pitting families and friends against each other, pushing cancel culture, or inciting race riots. Nostalgia is the literal opposite of norm-busting – it’s begging for the recovery of established norms. [From Wikipedia: “The word nostalgia is learned formation of a Greek compound, consisting of νόστος (nóstos), meaning ‘homecoming,’ a Homeric word, and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning ‘pain’ or ‘ache,’ and was coined by a 17th-century medical student to describe the anxieties displayed by Swiss mercenaries fighting away from home.”] That’s what it means to be conservative, after all. And when was the last time you saw Republicans “riot”? Harper’s Ferry in 1859, maybe. But that’s the corporate media these days: One giant, heaping bowl of unnecessarily bitter word salad.

It’s pretty clear at this point that the DNC thought their scamdemic fear-mongering would prevent Trump from campaigning effectively, and they lost big-time. The Zoom DNC looked like all of the distance learning fails parents spend their days openly mocking on social media. It was like the nasty old cranks on NextDoor finally discovered they have webcams, and they were going to wag their fingers at their imaginary enemies. “That whippersnapper has been messing with my mailbox, I know it!” “Okay, Grandpa.” It was painful to watch, and the only other thing to watch was young Democrats trying to burn down a courthouse.

They somehow thought Trump, who became a household name for high-quality prime-time television productions across many years, was not going to be good at this game? I swear, no one can own the libs harder than they own themselves. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was blasted for not stepping foot in Wisconsin. The DNC has addressed that failure by making sure their candidate doesn’t step foot anywhere outside his own house. Sure. Can you imagine how sad it is being a Democratic donor these days, knowing that promoting this blubbering old man is what your millions are funding? Remember the good old days when you at least got a wine cave? And now you get to watch Republicans enjoying fireworks and the gorgeous Christopher Macchio belting out Ave Maria on the South Lawn of the White House because they aren’t the party of Armageddon.

The RNC also flaunted the Republican Party’s young and diverse bench of talent. After watching a crowded Democratic primary that was heavy on old white Boomers that are trapped in the amber of 1968, with decades of baggage and sour personalities, that was something to behold. This is not a party that suppresses new leaders, women, or minorities. This is a party that makes room for them at the very top. It is a meritocracy.

This RNC was the first political convention I have ever watched from beginning to end, every single night it was on. I’m not much of a television watcher generally, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I’d even re-watch it, to be honest.

I actually think it was BETTER without a live audience. Instead of the bizarre chaos of party loyalists with foam fingers assembled like some high school auditorium pep rally, Trump got to produce something beautiful and interesting. The speeches had smooth transitions. The speakers could show real emotion without getting stage fright or having to play to an anonymous sea of faces. They showcased the Real America, not DC, and it was fabulous and enlightening.

I loved hearing the stories of ordinary Americans talking about their lives, their families, their dreams, and the specifics of how public policy has directly impacted them for better or worse. This is exactly what government and politics should be about! The absence of this across decades is why ordinary Americans loathe the DC establishment and the six-figure paycheck consultant class. And it was a sharp contrast from the childish hysterics and outright mob violence that have come to describe leftists now.

The corporate media having a meltdown because they provoke hard eye-rolls for most Americans is easy to dismiss. But what is happening in US cities now is not.

Here’s what the mobs who go around talking about how Trump is “literally Hitler” were up to last night outside of the White House:

They beat an elderly man unconscious for daring to walk quietly down the street in a Trump shirt. Note the man was trying to ignore them, not provoking them at all. These people are absolute savages. Look at all the people in the crowd giddily live-streaming the ultra-violence.

They swarmed a double-amputee veteran (who represents the swing state of Florida, incidentally, so good job) and called a Black police officer a “traitor” and “Uncle Tom.” Remember, if you don’t support them politically, you ain’t Black. They truly believe that. They say it non-stop.

They chased guests at the event as they were trying to get back to their cars screaming obscenities.

You could not ask for a better contrast regarding what people stand for politically, socially, or morally than the last two weeks. You have the party of citizenship and the party of thugs. If you can watch these videos and still vote for Biden, I seriously have no idea what is wrong with your brain.

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