Watching journos lose their minds after the RNC is fantastic

Normally I tune out the corporate media’s meltdowns, but this is getting to be too funny. I wish I had cataloged them all.

Washington DC has been in the news a lot lately, with rioters harassing and physically assaulting random people outside of the White House, surrounding tables of random people eating at restaurants and demanding they raise their fists and pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter, and so on. But Kenneth Vogel, a reporter at the New York Times, whom Wikileaks made famous for sending his articles to Democratic operatives for review before publishing them, has stumbled on the real cause for concern: Trump set off fireworks after dark. Who in their right mind sets off fireworks after dark? Don’t they know some people are trying to sleep? Making a loud noise after 10 pm is illegal in Washington DC, y’all, and Vogel had just dozed off in the middle of his Ovaltine. (The RNC had a permit and they were set off from federal property, but whatever.)

Vogel’s not alone, however. This is a senior fellow at Brookings whom Democrats hired to work on their sham impeachment proceedings earlier this year. We need an investigation into these corrupt fireworks! Literally thousands of violations of the Hatch Act! Each little pop was an impeachable offense, you know! I’m telling you, establishment Democrats are the political equivalent of NextDoor now.

Meanwhile, Andrea Bernstein of Pro Publica, actually asked the White House to confirm that Ivanka Trump’s three-year-old son made the Lego White House sitting on Trump’s desk. Did he make it all by himself, or did Ivanka pay someone to do it for him? Bernstein demands answers! Not kidding, she is using her press access to harass a three-year-old about Legos.

She’s totally onto Ivanka, y’all:

I haven’t seen such intrepid investigative journalism since we learned that Trump requires two scoops of ice cream.

The walls are closing in!

2 thoughts on “Watching journos lose their minds after the RNC is fantastic

  1. How can this sort of behavior on the part of “journalists” not be somewhat comforting? It confirms my belief that I am not the insane one, and that I won’t miss anything more than a few — actually a lot — of good laughs by ignoring them.

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