A Trump supporter was executed in Portland last night

Anyone who thinks Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not going to graduate to bombs and drive-by shootings as their riots continue is not paying attention. A lot more of the folks showing up at these events are armed with guns now. They think they are in a war. This is what several years of the media normalizing calling people totalitarians, authoritarians, Nazis, racists, homophobes, etc. has produced.

Here’s a Trump supporter – identified as such by his “Patriot Prayer” hat – just walking down the street, when a man grabs him and starts shouting “We’ve got a Trumper right here!” Another man then walks up to the man and shoots him multiple times in the chest. He’s dead. For walking down the street with a hat they didn’t like. These organizations are a collection of true psychopaths.

This is not just happening in Portland, either. A man was filmed walking stoically past the White House on Thursday night. He had left his home to see the fireworks and was wearing a Trump shirt. A mob surrounded him and tried to knock him out. This is not simply about destroying property. It’s about destroying people.

2 thoughts on “A Trump supporter was executed in Portland last night

  1. Really depressing to go onto that cesspool called Twitter this evening and read all the lefty/prog tweets justifying this guy’s murder. It is just sickening. Also, it is all Trump’s fault. Watched a little of Ted Wheeler’s press conference this afternoon, at least as much as I could stand. He and DeBlasio are in a race to the bottom for the title of America’s Worst Mayor, though I will admit there are a number of other worthy competitors.

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