A viral comment on CDC coronavirus numbers

This comment seems to be going viral on Twitter and Facebook:

This disclosure is nothing new, y’all. I have been screaming about this for months now. The CDC has been very clear that only a very small fraction of deaths are due to the coronavirus itself, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that number is bullshit too (i.e. the person had an unknown underlying cause that was not revealed by the care they were or were not receiving).

It would be fun to compare the actual number of coronavirus deaths to the number of “coronavirus deaths” linked to murder, suicide, and poisoning, because I bet the latter is actually larger.

The overwhelming majority of listed “coronavirus deaths” took place in long-term care facilities, which by definition include a lot of people who could die any moment from a litany of existing conditions. Most LTC facilities in the US are pretty gross to begin with. If not for the coronavirus, you are talking about places that are already full of MRSA and other crap. This is how my family ended up making in-home arrangements to care for my father after his aneurysm at tremendous personal sacrifice. We were quietly told putting him in a LTC facility would likely kill him.

This is a scamdemic, and you don’t need a Q crank to tell you that. If no one had given the coronavirus a name and hyped it up as something new (that’s another thing – the coronavirus is not a “new” virus, it’s mostly similar genetically to other viruses in its family), you’d never know something was going around. This is the path dependency of Chinese propaganda when it makes it into the US media and social institutions. The idea that this is a new and special virus came from a single researcher in China who is no longer around. From the same place that is now having pool parties with 15,000 people. As we like to say in creating models: garbage in, garbage out.

I’ve learned a lot about people I know during this manufactured crisis, especially medical doctors and academics. Even people who regard themselves as scientists will believe anything when they seek to explain everything through a political lens. The number of un-skeptical scientists I have seen commenting on the coronavirus has been just as amazing as watching the skeptics get institutionally silenced.

There has been no doubt that this scamdemic has produced some very real and troubling medical outcomes. Suicides are up. Fatal overdoses in my county are up 54% since March. Essential medical care like biopsies were delayed for months.

We should tally these people up and give them a name too. “Deaths from Trump Derangement Syndrome” would be a good category name.

7 thoughts on “A viral comment on CDC coronavirus numbers

  1. WOW! Only 6%???!!! Based on historical flu data, the government also just routinely reduces the number of reported deaths every year by around 20-25% after going over the figures, a year or so later, even where you do not have the insane incentives to overreport deaths as COVID related, created here because they actually paid hospitals a premium per such report.

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    1. So this is apparently how public health goons operate in general. They record every death of someone who tested positive (accurately or not) as a death from that illness. For Covid, that is any death from a positive case within 2 months of being diagnosed. Then they go scrub the bullshit. But now state and local governments have set up dashboards so people can see real time data and so the media can hype it ad nauseam. And people are getting to see how little actual science is involved in public health. Which if you have ever known anyone who works in public health is not surprising at all.


  2. I am currently moving my healthcare from my TN home to my GA home as that is where I plan to be long-term. I went to a new specialist a couple of weeks ago for a condition I need to have monitored and to get things started he just wanted to know how my wife an I had been doing during the pandemic, especially with our age and some of our medical issues. After a little conversation he just laughed a little and said, “Dont’ worry, it will all be over in early November.”

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  3. I heard this allegory in a church sermon many years ago. I have searched for the source, with no luck. Maybe you or one of your readers will recognize the story.

    Cholera comes to a town. One of the city’s wise men strikes a bargain with the Devil that the disease will only kill 1000 of the citizens. In the end, 10,000 die, and the wise man accuses the Devil of breaking his promise. The Devil replies that cholera only killed 1000; fear killed the rest.

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