Our local Publix decides social distancing is not worth it

I used to go to the grocery store literally every single day. Sometimes, more than once a day. It’s right around the corner, and we love to cook with super fresh ingredients. Now, they are lucky if they get our business once a week. We have plenty of alternative places to get food, like fishmongers and farmers markets, that do not involve mean and nasty crowds of seniors freaking out about masks and social distancing. And frankly, I love giving our money to small businesses over large corporations. Pretty much every younger household I talk to says the same thing: Used to love Publix, but we avoid it like the plague now (lol). Too much trouble.

Last night, we stopped in to get something small that we could not do without. The store employees were pulling up all the “one-way” and “do not enter” signs on the ends of the aisles. Is the coronavirus over? Nope, management decided to get rid of them because they were creating real, physical conflict in the store and they were worried about the liability more than the virus.

Like fist-fights? Yeah, people are getting into actual fist fights over someone going the “wrong way” down a grocery aisle. This is made even funnier by the fact that most of the people who live in our neighborhood are old and belong to the country club set. Someone should have caught these on videos.

This, my friends, is why when the New York exodus hits your town hard, you move.

Anyway, I tried to find an image of people fighting on a golf course to accompany this post (of which there are surprisingly many on the interwebs), but you get this video of two alligators fighting on a South Carolina course instead, because it’s as bonkers as the people I am writing about.

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