The most amazing campaign statement I have ever read

I mean, I guess I should not be surprised that the self-described socialists in our ever more batshit political landscape are violent people, many of whom have well-established criminal records. Socialism hasn’t exactly been associated with pacifism for, well, literally all of human history. We are talking about a political persuasion that produced Stalin, Hitler, Castro, and Chavez. To be a socialist is to be someone who likes to destroy stuff. Economies. Cultural institutions. Personal property. Human lives.

We’ve had over three months of socialists trashing what used to be great American cities because the scamdemic closed their adult daycare and they are bored. Some have even committed murder. Americans are getting quite a view of what a collective mental illness socialism is, and that’s probably a useful reminder.

So I am not sure why I should be surprised by this, from a Democratic nominee for the state House of Representatives in Kansas, accused of physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend. You have to click on the tweet and read the entire statement.

He was accused of assaulting his girlfriend, and he decided to… admit to it. (Sort of. He admits to hurting her, but he says he was too drunk to remember if he actually tried to choke her.)

If you are waiting for the part where he acknowledges that he should drop out of the race, it isn’t there. Instead, he suggests that he likely would not have continually physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend (and she would have been nicer to him too) if taxpayers would have given him “free” health care so he could get the therapy he clearly desperately needs.

I’m not sure what is the most hilarious part:

(1) That the candidate does not see what the big deal is.

(2) That the candidate does not know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare.

(3) That a candidate for a state legislature thinks the state legislature has the power to enact a federal program, and he’s running on that.

It is an unbearably stupid time to be alive.

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