Biden’s campaign is shaping up to be an interesting social experiment

Biden’s campaign is, I think, the first presidential campaign to have ever been done with literally zero human interaction. He has billionaires dropping hundreds of millions of dollars a piece on television and online advertising in a handful of swing states, but he has absolutely no ground game to speak of. The campaign set up almost no field offices across the country and have no volunteers going door-to-door. They blame the coronavirus for this, but seriously, if you can go to the grocery store or to a restaurant or a soccer game, you can knock on someone’s door. Most people under the age of 65 are not terrified about the coronavirus.

Joe Biden could be a social media sock puppet account for all it matters. When he does surface, it is to crowds of under ten people. In fact, ten people would be a lot for him. Biden’s “Hispanic outreach” event here in Florida yesterday was utterly bizarre. Biden was speaking at a podium and introduced by a Latino pop star… to a grand total of four seemingly random Puerto Ricans (because he knows Hispanics are such a diverse group). He decided to pander to them by playing the pop star’s chart topping song, the lyrics of which when translated are about having screaming good sex. The dude is almost 80 years old. It was creeptastic, made-for-memes behavior.

Kamala surfaced to pick up take out from a Venezuelan restaurant in Doral, which is actually a really sad story. The owner did not know she was stopping by and said he would have made it clear she was not welcome if he did. Venezuelan immigrants are extremely culturally conservative, having come to the US from a country that was destroyed by a socialist dictator. The last person they want to talk to is a California Democrat who pushes many far-left policy ideas. Many have been the victims of violence. They HATE the American left. After her photo-op, pictures circulated around social media and Venezuelans vowed to boycott the guy’s restaurants. He’s out trying to do a local media blitz now to clarify that he was exploited by the Biden campaign.

But in the grand scheme of things, they were in Florida to talk to pretty much no one.

There is video of Biden getting off a private jet and waving and pointing like he was working some adoring crowd. Except there was no one there, just the Secret Service agents waiting patiently to get the old nutter into a car. He was waving, winking, and pointing to imaginary people. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Neither Biden nor Harris take any questions from the media at campaign events, not that the media cares. The one time they did get a chance to talk to Biden, they asked questions like “What do you think of Donald Trump’s soul?” Questions from the handful of people allowed in campaign events are scripted. Biden reads off a teleprompter or script for even the most inane conversations.

In short, his entire campaign is a sham. He’s running for office without even bothering to talk to the American people, like he thinks voters are superfluous to the whole enterprise. It will be interesting to see how he performs giving this extraordinary strategy. I have never met a single person in my life who decided who to vote for based on an attack ad. In fact, if you don’t watch much television and have ad-blockers on your internet browsers, it’s like Biden doesn’t even exist to you! I mean, technically speaking, Bloomberg already tried this approach to campaigning. He dropped over a billion dollars on attack ads until the debate, where he made a colossal ass of himself. And he won American Samoa.

Good times.

3 thoughts on “Biden’s campaign is shaping up to be an interesting social experiment

    1. He isn’t doing this stuff because of social distancing. The country is not under lockdown anymore. People are not hiding in their houses all day. There are more people at a single restaurant at any given time than there are at a presidential campaign event. That’s just fucking bizarre. Of course, the candidate is almost 80 and total corpse, so there’s that.


  1. He doesn’t have to campaign. CNN is his mouthpiece! I saw one if their propaganda pieces on YouTube . They were trying to make Trump look bad by showing his actual speeches to his rallies. I agreed with everything he said . 🤣 but of course the comments showed that cnn’s audience is brainwashed.


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