Be careful in social media homeschooling groups now

So I am not doing general homeschooling groups anymore. Just local ones where everyone in it has an honest face and address, and the kind of personal accountability that involves.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been noticing a curious phenomenon in homeschooling groups, which is an amped up presence of far-left comments and outright trolls who joined specifically to attack conservative Christians and people whose education is heavy on the classics. The latter may be secular-minded, but their curriculum is offensive to people who loathe western civilization.

At first, I was open to the idea that a lot of these people are folks who were not natural homeschoolers but started homeschooling because of how their local public schools were dealing with the pandemic. They were perhaps getting their first glimpse of another subculture and did not like what they saw (people who think differently, oh my).

It was easy to give these folks the benefit of the doubt when it was classical or Charlotte Mason groups. But now they are infiltrating groups like Abeka. I’m sorry, you can’t tell me you accidentally chose a Southern Baptist curriculum for your kid – went to their website, which makes it clear they are a conservative, Christian organization, physically ordered a curriculum where religion was a subject, and then were shocked, shocked to see it wasn’t a secular option. Give me a break.

These people are likely not homeschoolers at all. They are in there to troll people for the giggles, to disrupt the media through which homeschoolers organize and socialize, or to gather information on who the thought leaders in this movement are. These are strange times and there are a lot of people who have way too much time on their hands.

It is dangerous to share personal information in the presence of people like this online. You talk to your kids about pedos on YouTube or video game platforms, but you also need to talk to yourself about whom you choose to confide in, especially with information about your children. Posts like “is anyone else dreadfully behind on coursework this year” or talking openly about your kid’s disability in front of people you cannot trust is a bad idea.

Many of these activists are clinically insane and do engage in things like swatting. If you are in a homeschooling group with 60,000 participants, I guarantee you the admin is not going to spot the wolf. Even worse, many of them are humoring the wolves and watching their communities disintegrate.

3 thoughts on “Be careful in social media homeschooling groups now

  1. Good advice and I have been wary for awhile now even with people I’ve been in groups with for years. I’ve also left quite a few groups. Trump hate has affected every aspect of life. In one group, there are about 25 moms who have literally been together since Yahoo groups was a thing! So our kids have grown up together and I’ve even met some of them in person, although we are nationwide. Well due to political issues, the group has become quiet except for a few people. Strangely, the ones who have adopted kids, especially internationally, are very Democrat and their Christianity is evidently very liberal. I’m probably saying too much here. You can delete this after you read it if you want. Take care! PS: Still holding out hope!

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    1. The liberal denominations are hemorrhaging members, have been for years, and I suspect that is part of why they are getting super defensive now. A lot of the high church denominations that have split for political reasons will be gone within a single generation at this rate. That’s a mathematical statement too, not an opinion. They are losing members and raising children that simply do not believe in God. Politics is their god.


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