How to Get Past the “Critically Low Storage” Error on Your Amazon Fire Stick

I am writing this post as a public service announcement on something that ended up wasting a lot of my time. We have Amazon Fire sticks on all of the televisions in our house, which I take to be the simplest way to manage apps and subscriptions across an increasing universe of platforms. But the stupid things have started giving us an error that reads something like the Fire stick is critically low on storage and you need to delete apps of a certain size to continue.

I did cull my apps after seeing it, as I had collected many I was not using, but it kept popping up. This made me think one of two things are happening: (1) the error is bogus, or (2) Amazon has adopted Apple’s approach to getting people to buy new devices by making their old devices effectively unusable. This is a very big deal, because once the error starts popping up, the whole thing is totally paralyzed.

I looked all over the Internet trying to find a solution, and most people’s solution was to show you how to delete apps like you are a five years old.


All you have to do is restart the Fire stick and the error goes away. Go to the Home page, click over to Settings, chose My Fire TV, and then choose restart. The thing will restart and the error is gone.

I hope this is helpful to other people.

2 thoughts on “How to Get Past the “Critically Low Storage” Error on Your Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Mine started locking up nearly everyday and I was restarting it frequently. It then started acting like it was buffering on a few apps. I set it back to factory defaults and it is much better. I think the OS just gets corrupted over time.

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