Walking through the swamps on a rainy day

Elise is fond of saying that Florida has only two seasons: dry summer and wet summer. For a tropical climate, this is an accurate assessment.

We have seemingly started the transition into the wet season this week, with several days of torrential rain. In South Florida, “torrential rain” is not merely a heavy thunderstorm. The rain is more like water being poured from a bucket in a constant flow than drops.

Stormy days are excellent for venturing into the wetlands, however, as there are few brave people crowding the boardwalks. You can go out there in the middle of the swamps and take a series of deep breaths, savoring the smell of damp earth and the coming deluge. The the water fowl wade out to fish and Pteranodon-ish birds strut and dance in the treetops, with their absurdist mating calls.

One of the better surprises in the wet season are the resurrection ferns taking over the tree trunks and the giant air plants in bloom. Note: None of these pictures involves a filter. Florida really is this green.

Grasses starting to reappear amid the cypress trunks.
Giant air plant in bloom.
A small blue heron fishing.
A yellow-crowned night heron.
Miles of boardwalks through the swamps.
The ferns are piled up almost shoulder-high now.
Water lilies as far as the eye can see.
A curious friend among the lilies.

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