Most states have spent hardly any of the Covid-related education funding

The federal government demanded that American taxpayers borrow trillions of dollars to fund emergency spending for education, among other things. Schools need immediate funding to pay teachers, to prison-up their classrooms with plexiglass and bleach, etc. You can’t send your kid back to school until everything is “safe.”

Yeah… about that. Most states have spent hardly any of the money and that does not look like it’s on pace to change anytime soon. I can’t wait for the predictable outcome of this, which is the money goes into bullshit to enrich political insiders because it was never necessary in the first place.

This is why I can’t stand being a country run by a corrupt gerontocracy. They are going to saddle all of us with debt that literally exceeds the cost of world wars over the dumbest of dumb pork, and they don’t care because they will all be dead before the bill comes due. And at the end of all this, schools are still going to suck.

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