Montana is dropping federal unemployment benefits to force people back to work

We eat out all the time here, so it has been difficult to miss the employment shortage in restaurants. At one sports bar, they were serving everything with plastic picnicware. Plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic forks… This is something you typically do not see in Florida by the ocean, as we try to protect marine life here by shunning plastic waste. I asked what was going on and they said thanks to enhanced unemployment benefits, they can’t hire a dishwasher at any reasonable price. People would rather stay home and play video games and let taxpayers pay their bills than go wash dishes in restaurants. It’s a real problem.

Montana has decided enough is enough with that bullshit. The state has a 3.8% unemployment rate. It’s open for business, there is no emergency that is keeping people out of work. They are done paying people to not go find work, which is readily available everywhere. It’s absolutely obscene that we as a country are going deep into debt to China and Japan to pay for emergency unemployment benefits at sub-4% unemployment. Folks should really ask themselves why Democrats find it desirable from a policy perspective to keep people unemployed at this point.

I expect Governor DeSantis to do this in Florida too.

2 thoughts on “Montana is dropping federal unemployment benefits to force people back to work

  1. I reqd a story that alot of people have found gigs ie affiliate marketing and such and wont be coming back to the regular job market not saying its the issue everywhere but that is contributing to the problem

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  2. Texas did that, too and the liberals are having a conniption. Meanwhile, Now Hiring signs are everywhere. I know they are mostly low-paying jobs, but the thing is people can still get some benefits if they are low income. That said, our job market is so messed up. Not enough people with skills, too many low paying unskilled jobs.


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