Covid measures start to bite the dust in Europe

It’s happening. Hard to say if it was Brits humiliating Boris Johnson over his lockdown parties, SCOTUS shooting down the OSHA mandate, or the looming threat of war requiring recreational domestic panics end, but….

The UK spontaneously dropped all covid restrictions today. All of them, suddenly unnecessary. (Spoiler: The were never necessary.)

The Czech Republic also spontaneously dropped mandates that were supposed to go into effect in a few weeks.

8 thoughts on “Covid measures start to bite the dust in Europe

    1. I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I write. But I also don’t have an “agree to disagree” attitude on things. I think the January 6th apologists on the right are flat-out wrong as a factual matter and that this behavior is a huge liability for those who want to see sanity returned to the governance of this country. I am debating writing one long and well-documented expose on the Oath Keepers and others who organized January 6th. It won’t sway any dead-enders, who are into false flag theories as much as the MSNBC crowd that sees Russians hiding under their beds. But hopefully it will help people closer to the center to consider joining the fray and getting more rational people on the ballot.


  1. Agreed. But J6 is so obviously a false flag, I don’t know how you don’t see it. Ray Epps. John Sullivan. Video evidence of Ashli Babbitt yelling at people to stop destroying property and then going through the window that she was subsequently chased only to get murdered. You say some nonsense about Oath Keepers weapons stash as some kind of proof of their nefariousness, but nobody brought guns to J6 so what’s your point? Again, the only people who died on that day were Trump supporters, one shot and one that I know of was beaten to death. I’m not a trumper anymore. He’s become nothing but a vaccine salesman. I use my brain.


  2. Look, J6 is not something to get stuck on. It’s one more distraction in the strategy of divide and conquer. I am not your enemy, though if we focus on this one specific issue we could very probably become such or however you are supposed to write that grammatically. Medical tyranny is the thing that should be galvanizing us as people to fight against so that the technocratic state doesn’t gain anymore ground than they’ve already won. You’re displaying symptoms of a mania on J6 when far more people were killed and maimed and billions of dollars of property destroyed along with the livelihoods of the shop owners thus victimized in the 2020 Summer of Hate riots. Are you going to do a full blown investigation on that, and if not, why not? Take a step back and ask yourself how J6, a minor skirmish compared to everything else that is happening concurrently, is such a big deal. It’s another distraction, a sleight of hand for you to fixate on so the other hands can do the trick and keep us under their spell.


    1. I do not think it is a distraction and I am certainly not going to stop talking about how Trump is a massive liability to the GOP. It was a real event, with known organizers, who documented their plans rather extensively and were VIP guests at Trump rallies. And when they inevitably indict Trump, it will create problems for putting Team Sanity back in office.

      I have also been adamant since early 2020 that Trump is the origin of the medical tyranny we are living with now. The dude is still out their shilling for the vaccine and the MAGA crowd thinks he’s some kind of freedom fighter. GMAFB.


  3. That I totally agree with you on. He is tone deaf on the vaccines, which are the most divisive thing that’s happened in my lifetime. J6 is barely a blip on the screen compared to that and several other things going on right now. I think pursuing the J6 angle is a time suck for your talents. But like I said, you seem to be hitting on all cylinders right now so you’ve got time to burn.


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