En garde! (And some duck pad Thai…)

Elise has had a few rounds of fencing lessons down in Naples now, and it’s safe to say she is madly in love with the sport. It does seem to be exhausting training though. It was everything she could do not to fall asleep waiting for lunch to arrive.

Today was special, however, because she has finally learned enough to get her equipment. Her instructor started them out by showing them some footwork. Then at the next lesson they were able to hold foils. And now she has the full get-up. Apparently it is pretty hot under there.

One of the coolest things about her having her fencing lessons down in Naples is that Naples has some serious food game. Lots of swanky European restaurants, amazing butchers, fishmongers, and local grocers. Some of them are fun people-watching spots, too. Last week, we went to a pub where there were two McLarens, two Lamborghinis, and a Ferrari parked just outside. Over lunch we saw two Bentleys and some fantastic classic cars. South Florida is going to South Florida.

Today we went to a sushi/Thai place that seems to be a local chain. (There are more Thai restaurants in Naples than Starbucks, I think.) I had duck pad Thai (they also offer lobster pad Thai, which I had a difficult time visualizing) and Elise hit the sushi. You have never met someone who loves roe as much as that kid. This place brought it out on ice so it would be super cold. She said it was divine.

Getting up early on Saturdays for soccer games was rough, but fencing… I don’t even need to set an alarm clock for this ritual.

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