British scientists identify gene sequences behind severe Covid symptoms

For much of the Covid-19 debate, I have maintained that the scientific community would eventually identify what specific biological mechanisms were exploited by the Covid-19 virus, and it would not be any of the generic factors people on both the far-left and the far-right are talking about.

If you talk to people on the far-left, you will hear about how “we just don’t know” who Covid will take down next, it’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and everyone needs strap three masks to their face forever. You cannot reason with them that the vaccine did nothing to stop the spread of the illness and places with enduring mask mandates experienced some of the worst outbreaks in the country. You can tell them about the fully vaccinated people that you personally know who ended up in the ICU and even died, they don’t care. Their trusted politicians told them what to think and they will smugly parrot it until the end of time, or at least until some fresh manufactured Armageddon consumes their mental space.

If you talk to people on the far-right – people who regard themselves as wise contrarians – they think Covid is purely about obesity, and you are invincible if you avoid McDonald’s, lift weights with the other Pepe the Frog bros, and get your Vitamin D. Of course, the far-right only thinks this because their sense of the world doesn’t reach beyond whatever town they live in. Places with extraordinarily healthy lifestyles like Israel and Japan have had problems with Covid outbreaks that are just as serious as anything that has happened in the United States. If you are surrounded by fat people, it is going to seem like Covid only affects fat people. But that is not a mathematically sound observation. Again, this is a population you cannot reason with.

The far-left found a scapegoat in the unvaccinated. The far-right found a scapegoat in lifestyle blog garbage. For both, these claims offer a simple litmus test that confirms they are better or smarter than everyone around them, which they (laughably) are not. They are both functioning at the intellectual level of a second grader. They both live in insular worlds and will cut off anyone who offers sanity in response to their delusions. If you police your relationships hard enough, you will never have to hear you are wrong.

If you start with the assumption that Covid was manufactured in a lab, either as a bioweapon (which seems unlikely, except in some abstract way, like a psyop or weapon of mass economic destruction) or deranged scientific curiosity, however, you can by-pass these idiotic arguments rather quickly.

If Covid was genetically engineered, then there must be some identifiable genetic sequences that this virus was designed to exploit. This will make Covid seem random to most of the population, which does not have the luxury of peering into someone’s genetic makeup. But it won’t be random. If you can locate those, you can anticipate what specific groups will experience severe symptoms and tailor their treatments to their specific vulnerabilities. If you wanted to, you could offer these folks a genetic test not unlike women get for breast cancer.

There were some clues early on that this was what was happening. You look at some of the most at-risk folks, and you will see people with a history of asthma (which has many causes, most of which have absolutely nothing to do with lifestyle choices) and the Black community in the United States, which has a strong prevalence of sickle cell disease. Of course, you cannot mention anything that even tangentially involves race these days without being canceled. It’s a decent recipe for permadoom, that the one topic you are not allowed to mention holds the key to how the problem might be solved.

Anyway, the British have finally done it. According to this morning’s Financial Times:

Researchers pinpointed 16 genes that predisposed patients to critical illness as part of the world’s largest study into the genetics of the disease, which was led by scientists from the University of Edinburgh and Genomics England. They also confirmed seven other genes associated with severe Covid that had been identified by earlier research.

The genes found by the researchers are linked to the immune system’s ability to recognize foreign pathogens, alongside the biological mechanism involved in blood clotting and lung inflammation – some of the hallmarks of severe Covid.

This explains why some people get severe Covid and some people experience zero symptoms at all. You either have the genetic predispositions Covid exploits or you don’t. (The UK leads the world in genomic sequencing due to the fact that the UK government has made substantial investments in the field over the past decade.)

This means existing drugs used to treat illnesses such as asthma and COPD, which already target some of the 16 genes identified, can be promoted for clinical trials. Why weren’t we doing this earlier? People found joy in turning this into a political issue and judging others instead.

I know I sound like a broken record on this, but Americans really need to get a grip on how much they allow these culture wars to be the lens through which they look at literally everything under the sun. Both sides have moved into some alternate reality where they cling to beliefs that are objectively false and would not survive even minimum scrutiny. And it’s not about what your kids are taught about slavery or the Founding Fathers. It’s down to what you think about super basic pathogens in your environment.

If every little thing around you can be converted into a vehicle of hate and scapegoating, consider the possibility that 100% of what you are reading is propaganda produced to weaken our country and you are playing a role in that, regardless of how loudly you scream about your patriotism and putting America First. This bullshit needs to end. It’s making our country lethally stupid.

6 thoughts on “British scientists identify gene sequences behind severe Covid symptoms

  1. “There were some clues early on that this was what was happening.”

    Yes, even in China when it was first ravaging Wuhan, it seemed like it was killing males more than females, and that was noted by the people monitoring it online and experiencing life over there.

    I do think it came from Wuhan’s lab, I think at this point, to ignore the evidence of that would be insane. And there are soooo many documents proving the US was funding the same kinds of labs in the Ukraine, for about 20 years it seems according to multiple documents of their contractual agreements.

    Makes one wonder what on earth they were thinking.


    1. The whole “US biolabs in Ukraine” bit is Russian propaganda related to the Ukraine war. Russia has a practice of accusing Ukraine / the West of things it intends to do before they do them. Russia has been toying with using chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine, as the resistance has proven to be more than they anticipated. (According to intel, Russia planned for this to be a 15-day operation at most, figuring Ukrainians would give up right away like the military in Afghanistan. But they have not.) Russia does not have supplies to keep this going indefinitely, so the need to break out weapons of mass destruction to end it grows with each passing day. They have already been confirmed to have used thermobaric weapons on residential areas and they dropped several massive bombs on that children’s hospital. All of these were front-run with propaganda about how the Ukrainian military was using the areas as human shields. It’s hard for them to hide, as there are 1,500 foreign journalists in Ukraine right now and endless video evidence of Russia’s war crimes, but they do this anyway because Soviets are going to Soviet. They are also demanding Ukraine surrender while simultaneously denying to their own people that they ever invaded the country. It would be pretty entertaining if thousands of innocent people weren’t dying.

      I cannot emphasize to readers enough that if you are reading/watching people like Candace Owens or Tucker Carlson, you are basically reading Russian state media. I’ve thought about doing a post that is a mash-up of stuff Candace Owens says versus Ministry of Defense quotes from Sputnik, because she is essentially quoting them verbatim. It’s disgusting, it’s evil, and it’s certainly not “patriotic.” These folks are siding with this generation’s Hitler, and that’s a side no one is going to forget they took.

      I’m certainly not going to forget which side Trump took and that he is featuring loud and proud Putin trolls at his “freedom” rallies now. His playing along with the destruction of our economy in 2020, making Fauci a household name, continuing to push the big pharma narrative, pushing for the end of NATO makes a lot more sense in retrospect when you see him putting people on stage that are literally parroting Russia and China. He really is the useful idiot par excellence.


      1. “I cannot emphasize to readers enough that if you are reading/watching people like Candace Owens or Tucker Carlson, you are basically reading Russian state media.”

        Sometimes your blind hatred for Trump amazes me 😦 He did warn Germany and others at the UN years ago that their dependance on Russian oil was to their detriment. They laughed at him, much in the way that you didn’t like him/mocked him as well. But he was absolutely right, and I wonder if you can admit that now, or does your blind hatred of that man cloud your judgment in being able to see he not only helped the US avoid Russian oil dependence, but tried to get other countries to become energy independent as well?

        He never would have gotten us to this point of US oil dependence… having to go grovel to dictatorships, etc. I’m surprised at your disgust for someone who did ***so much good*** (especially for Christians here… it doesn’t make logical sense). That first month he was in office, the sex trafficking war was on, and he made sure he got MANY children out.

        He’s someone God clearly used for so much good in this country… aren’t you worried at all that you’re not seeing his actions clearly? Or that you’re judging a man who did SO MUCH MORE than you may be doing yourself to fight against evil in this country?

        And no, I was aware of those labs well before Carlson’s videos, which made it surreal and surprising to see other sources like him coming out with the truth, finally. I think you’re dismissal of these things stem from a knee-jerk reaction to those people though. You hated Carlson in early 2020 I remember…. Just something to ponder for yourself ❤

        You can believe what you want to believe… of course many Ukrainians are innocent and had no idea what their country was really doing financially (soooo much corruption there, which I'm surprised you weren't aware of, especially after the Biden laptop scandal revealing just a tip of the iceberg). There is a lot more that will hopefully come out.

        And there are many more innocent Russians who just had their finances destroyed by our government and credit card companies, while they wouldn't dare do that to China. That didn't hurt Putin, and they know that it wouldn't hurt him personally. They meant to harm innocent Russians over this… think about it and you'll see the Truth.

        Russia has already turned to China financially, and after China takes Taiwan, I'm pretty sure the SE Asian economy will tank abruptly, but we'll have to see.

        There are many people praying that the Truth will out. And that's what I think the media, politicians, etc. trying to blame *everything* on Russians/Putin are afraid that the real Truth of everything will be revealed.

        It's also odd to me that the media and many US people are just obsessed with this war, as if war hasn't been happening around us and even recently. It shows the lack of depth intellectually, that the people upset about this now, didn't say anything about what's going on in Yemen, which everyone is still ignoring. Or the constant Christian persecution in the Middle Eastern countries… those are Catholics, too, but their lives aren't worth getting upset over I guess? It seems strange that people, the media, etc. are suddenly upset about this ONE country at war, when there were several others enduring even worse massacres and the media never reported on it… makes them seem morally bankrupt or just terribly ignorant 😦 . But hopefully eyes will open and be able to see what God is revealing through this war. I'm sure many will stay (willfully) blind, because they don't want to see truth or accept it.


      2. I don’t have a “blind hatred for Trump.” I think his character has become quite obvious, particularly since 2020. I cannot even fathom telling my kid that this con artist is an example of a godly life – if that is truly what you believe, you need to spend more time with Scripture. The dude is currently asking mom and pop donors to pay for improvements for his private jet. If that’s your idea of God’s chosen, wait until you hear about Joel Osteen and Jerry Falwell, Jr. If you want to get screwed by him over and over and over, have fun. A sucker is born every minute, as they say.


  2. Each child’s life Trump ransomed through this efforts against sex-trafficking alone should make you reconsider your views on him and his affect on our country at that time.

    Have you paid for a child’s freedom personally? Have you freed as many sex slaves as he has? Do you completely dismiss that he did those things? I’m genuinely curious how someone could be soooo judgmental (perhaps you ARE saving children every day and buying sex slaves their freedom)?


    1. Take the Q Anon stuff elsewhere. Trump’s sexual immorality is well known. He laughed at Jeffrey Epstein liking girls “on the young side.” Hangs out with people like Matt Gaetz, whose fondness for teenage girls is an open joke here in Florida. Trump has been married three times and cheated on each wife because he can’t keep it in his pants. He can’t talk about a woman without remarking about her body or appearance. This is seriously your idea of Christian virtue? Give me a break. He’s not down in the dirt solving sex crimes – that’s the hard and risky work of law enforcement agencies, many of whom MAGA dead-enders cannot stop maligning.


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