Public libraries as literary gatekeepers

I don't have time to write anything lengthy today, but I wanted to share two enormously interesting articles about public libraries and the gatekeepers who determine what the library should and should not stock. Both of these are about Anne Carroll Moore, the first children's librarian at the New York Public Library, who absolutely loathed … Continue reading Public libraries as literary gatekeepers

American History for homeschoolers (elementary)

I am in the process of preparing for our daughter's upcoming academic year. For us, that begins in April - a totally arbitrary date that corresponds to when we relocated to Florida. We are planning on switching to American history from world history this year. We have covered world history in previous years using Susan … Continue reading American History for homeschoolers (elementary)

Children’s books for gently introducing grammar and figurative language

My mother sent me a package of these books for our daughter for Christmas, and I figured I would share them. These books are beautiful, both in terms of the language and illustrations, and they make grammar seem like a lot of fun. Books on grammar from Ruth Heller: Merry-Go-Round: A Book About Nouns Kites … Continue reading Children’s books for gently introducing grammar and figurative language