Home sweet home

We’ve made it back home. As much as I enjoyed Ft Lauderdale, I feel immensely relieved to be away from the crowds, chaos, and heat of South Florida. It is fully 20 degrees cooler here right now. I can take the heat generally, but it is hard trying to navigate narrow docks with thousands of (mostly drunk) tourists.

One difference I noticed right away between Flagler and Broward counties is there are almost no open spaces or trees down there. As we are in the habit of walking or riding a bicycle everywhere, so it was hard not having spaces to wander. Sure, there is the beach, but there were a lot of people on the beach. You couldn’t really trek. I came home with a newfound appreciation of our town’s 135 miles of trails and our esplanade along the Intracoastal Waterway.

View from our esplanade.

As were walking along the ICW this morning, a very large dolphin decided to keep pace with us for about 3 miles. He’d pop out of the water right next to us over and over. I was hoping he’d try to chat, but he was quiet. Dolphins love people so much; they are like sea dogs. I honestly think the dolphins come into the ICW just to say hi to the people who live along it. It’s like they see an inlet and decide to come socialize.

Our dolphin friend moved so quickly, all I could ever get was a picture of his fin. But he was jumping entirely out of the water for miles to say hi.

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