The most beautiful package I have ever received

I love Turkish ceramics and textiles. A few weeks ago, I found the QubiccaHandicraft page on Etsy, which is unbelievable. I ordered a handmade copper tea kettle and sugar bowl.

My package from Istanbul finally arrived today after being hung up in Customs. Half of the box is covered in stamps! Now I know this is totally neurotic, but occasionally I get a package from somewhere interesting and I save the stamps. For a while, I was ordering used books from a guy who would always mail the package from Flagtown, New Jersey and use decades-old collector’s stamps. I kept each of those. (The stamps were worth more than the book he was mailing!) I am going to have to keep this one too.

And this is my new tea pot and sugar bowl. A picture cannot do it justice… It is GORGEOUS. (The sugar bowl is not enormous, I just had it in the foreground when I took the picture.)

FYI, should anyone reading this decide to order one, the base of the tea pot is slightly concave. You would not be able to use it as a proper tea kettle on a glass cook top (only a gas stove). But you could use it as a beautiful tea pot the way you’d use a ceramic pot.

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