Retail sales, before and after being adjusted for inflation

Just to pile on to my last post – someone made the argument for me in this excellent chart. Here’s your demand destruction.

4 thoughts on “Retail sales, before and after being adjusted for inflation

    1. For things like gas, they come right out and say it explicitly. The Biden administration’s approval is in the toilet, but their supporters are all over social media rejoicing at record high gas prices.

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      1. I actually saw a quote from I think it was Pelosi saying that once people ran out of the COVID money inflation would go away . Back to the status quo . I tried to find that article again but I couldn’t . I also saw an article mentioning demand destruction as a means of bringing down oil prices . We are definitely having to make adjustments to how much we drive and eat out .

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      2. Most of the covid assistance was paid for with Treasury debt that was picked up by the Fed. That is a form of printing money. Once it goes into the system, it’s in the system. It doesn’t matter who has custody of it at any given time. What scares me is they seem to really believe this stuff. We have a bunch of folks in government and academia who seriously would flunk high school econ.

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